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1. Martinique 

Substantial structural works within an existing industrial plant.

16. Australia, Weathstone

FEED study of marine structures of a new liquefied gas terminal and related breakwater detailed design.

2. Cape Verde

Scientific research for completion of the geological survey following the footsteps of Darwin on the occasion of the bicentenary of his birth.

17. Australia

Supervision of geotechnical investigation for offshore platform and extensive system of underwater pipelines.

3. Nigeria, Brass

Assistance in the geotechnical design of a gas terminal near shore structures (8km wharf; 1km breakwater), on very soft clay soils.

18. The Netherlands, Rotterdam

Study of the geotechnical issues related to several types of works for a new gas terminal.

4. Angola

Foundation design of several offshore platforms and other structures in deep water with “suction piles” solution.

19. France, Dunkerque

Assistance to the Buyer in the phase of detailed design and construction design of a jetty serving a new gas terminal. Verification of load test results on real-life sized piles, control of piles acceptance criteria during installation and monitoring of test data.

5. Congo

Design, driving and monitoring of steel pipe piles in soft rock.

20. Romania

Supervision of geotechnical investigation for wind farms.

6. Croatia

Design of several offshore platform foundations.

21. Belgium

Foundation design for refinery expansion.

7. Egypt

Design of several offshore platform foundations.

22. Turkey, Izmit

Study of foundations for mineral oils tanks in highly seismic area.

8. Egypt, Damietta

Detailed design of the foundations of a major industrial plant; execution of two large diameter tanks founded on considerably thick soft soil, with the adoption of settlement reducing piles (SRPs).

23. Russia, Kazachya

Study of the foundations of a gas treatment plant for distribution in Europe.

9. Russia, Portovaya

Study of the foundations of a gas treatment plant for distribution in Europe.

24. Ghana

Offshore geotechnical survey supervision.

10. Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea

Design of several offshore platform foundations.

25. Mozambique, Afungi

Geotechnical assistance during the tender for n.2 distinct projects for LNG marine terminals. Foundation piles sizing; study of soil improvement interventions (as regards liquefaction), reuse of materials, analysis under seismic conditions.

11. Saudi Arabia, Damman

Renovation and upgrade to a higher capacity of the load out quay for oil platforms.

26. Turkey, Izmir

Jetties geotechnical design and supporting structures for connecting road.
Stabilization interventions design of excavations and supporting works.

12. United Arab Emirates

Detailed design of the foundations of many industrial plants of various dimensions.

27. Ecuador, Gulf De Guayaquil

Study of jack up installation.

13. Thailand

Design of several offshore platform foundations.

28. India, Gulf of Kutch – Jamnagar

Technical assistance to characterize the foundation soil along the pier, focusing in particular on design issues to horizontal loads.

14. Indonesia, Karimun

Design of the foundations of a new Construction Yard for offshore platforms.

29. Saudi Arabia, Yanbu

Study of the detailed design of the foundations of an industrial facility; measures to improve the soil with pre-loading.

15. Vietnam

Design of several offshore platform foundations.

30. Dolomia, Mar Baltico

Study of the ideal solution for jackup foundations, stays stiffness matrix of lateral reinforcements, penetration analysis of piles.

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Costa Concordia Parbuckling

For the purposes of the safe removal of the Costa Concordia wreck, SOIL Srl has been involved into all aspects concerning the geological and geotechnical design and assistance for the construction of the foundation structures.

The Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Project foresaw in the first stage the rotation of the wreck to its vertical position (parbuckling phase) and subsequently its re-floating by means of the installation of steel caissons on both sides of the ship.

The parbuckling required the construction of underwater anchoring structures on the landward side of wreck and the installation of three submerged platforms for its temporary support in vertical position on the seaward side. The structures were built respectively at water depths of 5 ÷ 10m and 40 ÷ 50m below sea level. Drilled steel piles (D = 2m) were designed for the platforms foundations.

The activities performed by SOIL Srl concerned:

Working Group

Project Leaders:
Eng. Luigi Albert: general management, geotechnical design of foundation structures;
Geol. Fabio Staffini: design team coordinator, geological design and geomechanical modeling.

Design team:
Eng. Angelo Lambrughi: technical supervision during the investigation surveys, geomechanical modeling of the anchor blocks and technical supervision during construction and testing of the foundation structures;
Eng. Pietro Coppola: geomechanical modeling for the piles of the sea side platforms;
Eng. Davide Spinelli: geotechnical design of foundation structures;
Geol. Marta Senaldi: geological mapping, geological and geomechanical design.
Eng. Alessandro Bonasio: morpho bathymetric modelling and CAD drawings.


Prof. Eng. Giancarlo Gioda: geomechanical modeling of fractured rock masses around the piles;
Prof. Geol. Giorgio Pasquaré: general geological survey of the onshore areas;
Geol. Teodoro Aldo Battaglia: geological survey and assistance for the positioning of the anchor blocks;
Geol. Andrea Rossotti: diving assistance for the positioning of the anchor blocks.