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The Company ensures integrated design services while guaranteeing the ideal coordination and interaction of its internal competences.
In addition to a consolidated tradition in the geotechnical field, it can currently boast several design and construction technical assistance services in the following sectors: transportation infrastructure, underground works, marine works, reinforced concrete buildings, hydrogeological and landslide solutions and also reclamation and environmental protection works; special experience has been gained over the last 4 years in nearshore liquefied gas installations and related offshore structures.
In the case of complex projects to be carried out in association with other companies, SOIL srl have often followed the coordinating activities, taking on the responsibility of integrating all subjects and disciplines, including those deemed as “external” to its sector (architectural, functional and plant design issues).


SOIL srl carry out its activities in the following sectors:



  • geotechnical and geomechanical analyses
  • planning and execution of geotechnical investigations resorting to subcontractors on behalf of the Client
  • management of site investigation
  • geotechnical aspects concerning waste disposal and soil remediation
  • geotechnical engineering of railways and roads
  • civil and industrial foundation design
  • special foundations, soil improvement techniques
  • liquefaction and seismic protection analyses
  • dewatering
  • deep excavations
  • validation of projects on behalf of certified companies


  • geological, geomorphological and seismic design, inclusive of survey mapping
  • liquefaction and seismic protection analyses
  • hydro-geological aspects concerning waste disposal and soil remediation
  • slope stability analyses
  • landslide investigation and mitigation
  • hydraulic and coastal remediation
  • environmental impact evaluation
  • validation of projects on behalf of certified companies


  • retaining structures
  • tunnelling
  • deep excavations
  • cut and cover tunnels and underground excavations
  • subway design and underground stations
  • reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and steel structures design
  • design of roads and highways
  • validation of projects on behalf of certified companies


  • planning and management of site investigation in shallow and deep waters
  • foundation design of platforms
  • assessment of special problems related to pile installation for marine structures
  • offshore breakwaters and causeways
  • harbours, jetties and near-shore works
  • validation of projects on behalf of certified companies

SOIL srl provide assistance in the above-mentioned sectors in all the project phases, from preliminary investigations to feasibility analysis up to structural designing and technical assistance during construction.


More specifically:


Conception stage

  • investigations, measurements and problem analysis
  • identification of alternatives and operative directions
  • feasibility studies and cost identification with cost benefit analysis of alternative solutions
  • economical and financial assessments

Design Stage

  • preliminary, final and detailed design 
  • environmental impact studies

Tender Stage

  • assistance to firms during the tender phase for their technical and economical offers
  • technical and economical audit and validation on third-party designs
  • technical and administrative support to the Technical Director of the project

Realization Stage

  • detailed construction design and assistance to construction companies throughout the course of works
  • geotechnical monitoring; design and data interpretation
  • works management
  • final approval and settlement of works
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Costa Concordia Parbuckling

For the purposes of the safe removal of the Costa Concordia wreck, SOIL Srl has been involved into all aspects concerning the geological and geotechnical design and assistance for the construction of the foundation structures.

The Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Project foresaw in the first stage the rotation of the wreck to its vertical position (parbuckling phase) and subsequently its re-floating by means of the installation of steel caissons on both sides of the ship.

The parbuckling required the construction of underwater anchoring structures on the landward side of wreck and the installation of three submerged platforms for its temporary support in vertical position on the seaward side. The structures were built respectively at water depths of 5 ÷ 10m and 40 ÷ 50m below sea level. Drilled steel piles (D = 2m) were designed for the platforms foundations.

The activities performed by SOIL Srl concerned:

Working Group

Project Leaders:
Eng. Luigi Albert: general management, geotechnical design of foundation structures;
Geol. Fabio Staffini: design team coordinator, geological design and geomechanical modeling.

Design team:
Eng. Angelo Lambrughi: technical supervision during the investigation surveys, geomechanical modeling of the anchor blocks and technical supervision during construction and testing of the foundation structures;
Eng. Pietro Coppola: geomechanical modeling for the piles of the sea side platforms;
Eng. Davide Spinelli: geotechnical design of foundation structures;
Geol. Marta Senaldi: geological mapping, geological and geomechanical design.
Eng. Alessandro Bonasio: morpho bathymetric modelling and CAD drawings.


Prof. Eng. Giancarlo Gioda: geomechanical modeling of fractured rock masses around the piles;
Prof. Geol. Giorgio Pasquaré: general geological survey of the onshore areas;
Geol. Teodoro Aldo Battaglia: geological survey and assistance for the positioning of the anchor blocks;
Geol. Andrea Rossotti: diving assistance for the positioning of the anchor blocks.